Ear Acupuncture

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You see celebrities wearing small “diamonds” and golden pins in their ears. Those might to ear acupuncture! Ear or Auricular acupuncture is the stimulation of acupuncture points (by needle, magnets, ear pellets or manual stimulation) on the external ear which is connected to the central nervous system (brain). It is a micro system, meaning that one part of the body represents the whole body. Whereas body acupuncture is focused on the balancing of Qi in the meridians based on the TCM theory.

Ear acupuncture was mentioned Huang Di Nei Jing dating as far back as 500 BC using the external ear to treat symptoms. However, the current practice is by a medical technique that was discovered and developed by Dr. Paul NOGIER in 1951 in France, Lyon.

It’s interesting how he came across ear acupuncture. He received  a patient, who explained to him that he was relieved from a sciatica pain by a cauterization on the ear carried out in Marseille by Madame Barrin. He tried to understand why this strange treatment worked for more than 30 years and finally came a day when he truly understood its mechanism. It was him who  mapped out the ear in the form of a inverted fetus, making it easy to  comprehension the mechanism.In 1990, in Lyon, the World Health Organisation held up a working group on the standardization of the nomenclature of the auricular points.

As most people are so caught up with this fast paced life, let’s see the popular points used to relax.
This points can also be used (along with other points) to treat symptoms such as insomnia, chronic pain, obesity, PMS, etc.

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Shen Men is a Master Point or Divine Gate. This point is always electrically more active compared to other points on the ear. Treats many conditions such as anxiety,stress, depression, etc.


Is it related to Zero Point Field (energy at ground state)? It’s no wonder Point Zero is known for bringing the body back into homeostatic balance. This point is used to balance energy and regulate the hormones. Perhaps like a reset button!


Flight or Fright. In this fast paced life with constant notifications, we seem to live in a  this stressful mode. Parasympathetic mode, on the other hand,  is where we should be most of the time. This acupuncture point is perfect to bring our body back to relax mode and help to regenerate and heal.

Who knew such tiny little points in the ears can make such a huge impact in our lives!

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