Happy Halloween with TCM

halloween inspired tcm acupuncture and herbs

 You threw away the pumpkin seeds after carving the Jack-o-lantern?

You went to Starbucks for a PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte)?
Or you stay home chilling like me?


Spiderwebs, Jack-o-lanterns, cute mummy cookies and cotton wool cobwebs everywhere, halloween mood is ghosting all around town. In this hot and humid tropical country of Singapore, Christmas decorations are also starting around this time, making it an interesting Halloween-Christmasy mood. Imagine yourself at sipping Starbucks coffee in their red Christmas cup and savouring mummy eclair while Jingle Bell Rock plays softly in the background.

Is this how it’s like in other countries too?

Anyways, in the spirit of the Halloween, I want to share with you 3 TCM fun information using Halloween emoji that I created.


3 Halloween inspired TCM tips



Yes, those pumpkin seeds that you might have thrown away.Did you know that they have medicinal use?  In Traditional Chinese herbs, the seed and husk (the white shell) is used together. This sweet and neutral property herb works directly on the Stomach and Large Intestine. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is predominantly known for the following actions:



Expel parasites
Like tapeworms and roundworms. Take Nan Gua Zi 30-60g as a single herb. Action is enhanced together with Bin Lang herb and then taking Mang Xiao 2 hours later. This will make you run to the toilet at supersonic speed and clean the intestine thoroughly. This condition might be rare in this modern society but some kids can get worms in their intestine which will cause them to be malnourished in the long run. Bye bye worms!*flushes toilet 87 times*




Increase lactation

 Great for worrying breastfeeding mum who are not able to pump enough. This herb improves lactation through fluid metabolism. Together with the herb, press SI 1 (Shao Ze) acupoint which is located at the corner of your outer little finger nail bed.  Other than increasing breast milk production, this acupuncture point used commonly used for any breast disorders such as  mastitis, breast abscess and cysts.

More milk, happy baby!





Literally translated to “Bone Broken Repair”. As the name suggests, it is mainly used for strengthening the bones!

This herb is bitter, has a warm property herb and enters the Kidney and Liver meridians for the magic to take place.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gu Sui Bu is used for the following actions:

  1. Tonifies Kidney Yang (warm) – Good for weak lower back and knees, diarrhea (due to too much cold attacking the body), tinnitus (as Kidney opens up / related to the ears).

  2. Strengthen and repair bones and sinews – Good for injuries such as minor fractures, contusion, sprains where ligaments are injured too.

  3. Invigorates blood – To get rid of blood stagnation due to trauma

  4. Stimulate hair growth – Use topically as a tincture


Happy bones, Happy hair!
*cue Whip-my-hair song*


Welcome to Halloween Horror Nights!

Literally translated to “Open Ghost Gates”, it is one of the attractions to the Edema-nia Ride.


Huh what is Edema?

Edema is when an abnormally large fluid volume circulates in the body and pools in the tissues spaces between the body. In a healthy person, the circulatory system usually transports the fluid through blood vessels and makes sure that the body maintain a balance. Water IN = Water OUT.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine terms, the water involves many organs. But the key player is the San Jiao (or Triple Burner). It’s a invisible ghost organ that is responsible for moving the water and any malfunction will lead to edema – aka water retention.

Now you know what is edema, let’s get back on the  Edema-nia Ride!



The full term is actually, “Kai gui men 开鬼门, Jie jing fu 洁净腑”.

“Kai gui men” refers to open sweat pores to promote sweating; “Jie jing fu” refers to clearing of the bladder to promote urination. This was first described by Zhang Zhong Jing in the Internal Medicine treatment of edema. For those with edema above the waist, sweating should be promoted; whereas edema below the waist, urination should be promoted.Taking this into consideration and pattern differentiation, us TCM Physicians need to treat according to differentiation (find out their root cause) and strengthen the Spleen or warm the Kidney accordingly in achieve the best result.

Hope you enjoyed these Halloween emoji!
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