How to market acupuncture like a boss

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Remember when I did an interview with Michelle Grasek earlier this month?

She is a marketing coach in New York and she teaches acupuncturists how to run a successful business.


You can read the interview here.


It is about Acupuncture practice in Singapore and we talked about:

  • What it’s like to practice acupuncture in Singapore (hospital vs. private clinic)

  • What marketing works well for private clinics there

  • How Western medicine is actually the most common, accepted form of medicine in Singapore, and how TCM is gradually being embraced (much like in the US)

  • And much more!


Today, I want to share my experience on acupuncture marketing with Michelle.
I realised that TCM practitioners and acupuncturist find a hard time establishing themselves in Singapore as well in other countries. In this era, skills are important but letting people know that you exist is more important. You can be great but if you don’t let people know about you, you’ll probably take a really long time for others to find out about you.


You’re too good to be unseen & unheard of.


So when I saw Michelle’s acupuncture marketing, I thought ok, I’ll give it a try. Although I don’t own a practice but who knows one day I might want to have my own. Being a noob at all these social marketing, I worry about finding resources and ways to improve all the time. But it’s much easier to just learn from an expert who has already done years of trial and error. It is probably much faster and better way to tackle things too.

marketing acupuncture. tcm


Ok, so I tried Michelle’s Acupuncture Marketing

It’s a self-study online program that you can take at your own pace, own time, own target. Perfect for someone like me who still has a 9 to 5 job. Just watch a 1 episode every night and you can resume where you left off! (bye Netflix for now). You can even listen/watch it on the way to work on your phone. #perfect

It is jam packed with down to earth, real practical tools to help you get more patients. She will teach you to market with confidence! #boss

Perhaps you have been running a business (of any kind actually) but not seeing the results?

I am confident that you will benefit from this if you’ve ever said anything like:

” I don’t know where to start.”

” I have Facebook  but I don’t know how to do the Ads.”

” I am scared to reach out and ask for referrals.”” I know my stuff but I don’t know how to tell my patients.”

“Err.. now what?”


I am a noob at all these and it is so easy to understand!


8 Acupuncture Marketing Strategies that I learnt from Michelle

  1. Marketing basics so you know WHY you’re doing – Bye to all those negative marketing mindsets

  2. Video screen shares showing you step-by-step how to master the tech aspects of email and social media marketing

  3. How to actually get patients from social media

  4. How to set up a successful email funnel

  5. How to get to the top of Google without spending a dime

  6. How to get more patients on your schedule this week

  7. Beautiful worksheets & calendars 

  8. Easy to follow video tutorials

marketing acupuncture, tcm, michelle grasek

For 4 days only, she’s offering a huge deal from 24 Nov to 27 Nov 2017 midnight EST.

If you are a TCM Physician, or an acupuncturist or just anyone who is interested in opening a future practice in healthcare line, this is something that you might want to try out.

In this foundation course of Acupuncture Marketing: Easy Strategies for More Patients, you’ll get:

1) Introduction to Facebook Ads  (bonus!)

  • Easily install your Facebook pixel

  • Create custom audiences

  • Create ad images for free

  • Know whether your ads are working

2) An exclusive invitation to a live 1-hour group Q&A with her in December 2017

3)  US$50 off  #woohoo

marketing acupuncture with michelle grasek

Check out the curriculum and start the program immediately,if you feel it works for you.
Otherwise, please share with anyone you think would be a fit for this program.

Remember to use the code FACEBOOK at checkout.

Thank you as always for reading 🙂

Edit: 28 Nov 2017
The above sale has ended.
If you wish to enroll in this program, click HERE.

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