May Favourites

kanpobliss may favourites

kanpobliss may favourites


Health CMi

I love listening to podcast on my way to work. Since 2005, HealthCMi (Healthcare Medicine Institute) has been a trusted authority for acupuncture continuing education. They have a range of episodes on acupuncture and herbs such as ” Seasonal Allergy Acupuncture Control”, “Triple Acupuncture for Lower Back Pain”, etc. You’ll probably need a little background in TCM but it’s an interesting listen.


Your Guide to Health with Foods & Herbs

A random book that I came across while walking in Popular bookshop after work. I knew I was interested in nutrition but I wanted to focus more on TCM food therapy. Not just talking about nutritional values but how the properties of the food can affect certain organs. For example, avocado is high in healthy fats, high in antioxidants AND in terms of TCM, it is known for its ability to tonify blood and yin, and enters the Lungs and Large Intestines.  I’ve used this book as a food-help reference for mental health such as anxiety, irritability, moodiness, depression.  You can find out more by clicking below:


Goat Milk

New buy from Hay Dairies, Singapore. It’s pricey S$9 for 800ml, that’s almost double of cow’s milk. But the benefits are clear and I’m trying to steer away from all hormone-antibiotics pumped dairy products.

  • A wholesome, natural and highly nutritious
  • Less allergenic than cow milk, easier to digest, rarely causes lactose intolerance and matches up to the human body better than cow milk
  • Pasteurised and homogenized, with no preservatives and additives added
  • No growth hormones and are free from antibiotics


Walnut stuffed Jujube

My favourite snack that I always get from Hock Hua, Singapore.  Jujube chinese red dates help replenish and nourish your blood and improve blood circulation. Warm in nature and good for ladies.


Benditaluz Orange series

These are the ones I got from Spain during my honeymoon trip.  In Seville, a small portion of the 25,000 orange-trees in Seville is used efficiently, mostly to prepare marmalade jams. They are so bitter that they can’t be eaten so they turn them into cosmetics. It’s 85%-90% natural and the orange fragrance so soothing~

Beautiful bitter oranges on the streets of Spain. This is something you never see in Singapore.


What are your favorites this month?


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