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Kanpo : Study of TCM in Japanese   l    Bliss : Perfect happiness; great joy.


Kanpobliss is a wellness brand that aims to promote health through the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  It does so by creating TCM related content that is simple, fun and educational. It has also designed a health check app that uses TCM to check one’s body condition. Based on the result, the app will provide TCM self-care advice such as nutrition, lifestyle and acupressure points one could massage on himself/herself.


As a child, I struggled with migraines. Seeing disco lights along with a throbbing headache was no stranger to me. I was given painkillers and was told that it was due to “stress”- yes, stress, for a 10 year old! My mum decided that I should seek TCM treatment, and it was from there I learnt that the root cause of my migraines was blood stagnation issues from a head injury when I was 4. After a month of consuming herbs, my migraine episodes decreased and in a year, I was migraine-free. With a strong belief in TCM’s healing potential, I decided to pursue Chinese Medicine in university.

Even though TCM is now practiced worldwide and is gaining immense popularity as a viable form of alternative medicine, many, especially westerners, still have this image of TCM as just the “Yin Yang” symbol, pandas and bamboo. This lack of understanding could be due to language, cultural barrier or a lack of exposure. As a result, many may find TCM daunting and abstract.

Thus, upon graduation, I wanted a platform to make TCM cool and accessible to everyone, by sprinkling TCM knowledge that is simple, fun and educational. Making use of my other passion in graphic design, I creatively fused ancient medicine and modern emoji pictorially, and posted them on Instagram.


I wanted a platform to make TCM cool and accessible to everyone,

by sprinkling TCM knowledge that is simple, fun and educational. ✨


As I read the valuable feedback from my followers, I realised that in our hustle and bustle society, people are suffering from a myriad of illnesses and conditions, and are not aware of simple TCM habits they can adopt to improve their condition. Understanding TCM’s strength as preventative medicine and its ability to treat the root cause instead of just band-aiding the symptoms, I decided to create my own “Kanpobliss – TCM Self Care” app.

Through this app, I hope that we can better understand our body and do the little things that will make us healthier i.e. self-care. With enough practice, we will be able to  detect illnesses faster, recover from them faster and prevent them from happening better.

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