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快食  快眠  快便

In Japan, “Kai Shoku, Kai Min, Kai Ben” means to “Eat well, Sleep well and Poop well”.

These are the 3 basics pillars for good health.

And to that, I’d like to add “快卵 Kai Ran” which means “Ovulate well” for ladies.


I understand that sometimes, your busy schedules and distance can prevent you from getting the TCM care you deserve.
In these circumstances, you’re welcome to book a Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp online consultation.


During your consultation, I will work with you to discuss the main concerns you’d like to address.

I will discuss how TCM views your condition and at the end of the consultation,
a TCM summary report and self-care advice will be emailed to you.

Digestive issues, stress related fatigue, menstrual imbalances, sleep troubles,
headaches / migraines are some of the common conditions that I treat.


30 minutes Short Consultation US$ 35

60 minutes Long Consultation US$ 75

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