March Favourites

march faves


It’s end of March already. I thought it’d be fun to share my March Favourites according to my five senses.

Things I like see, hear, smell, listen and touch that ignite my happy Qi 🙂


kanpobliss march faves

Butterfly Pea Flower

Aka snow pea flower. My colleague bought them from Bangkok so I tried some. The blue flowers ooze out such an intense colour, you feel like you’re drinking blue watercolour liquid that tastes like mild wheat grass & pea combo. I’ve tried them before in Malaysian traditional kuehs (glutinous rice delicacies) but never as a drink.
Health studies show that it can improve memory, help with anxiety, block glucose uptake from food hence making it a perfect drink for diabetics. Seems like this can be another alternative to Blue Unicorn Spirulina.

Try this: Add lemon into this drink and see it turn into pretty pink 😮


I’ve finally bought it after so long! It is so soft, versatile, chic and super affordable S$20. It’s light weight and white so it doesn’t look too “hot” even in this humid Singapore. The fluffy fur is an ideal accent and texture to add to any room or onto any furniture.
Surround yourself with your favourite things to lift your spirits and get your Qi flowing.


Michelle Grasek’s online course 

I’m going through her Acupuncture Marketing course slowly again. She explains A-Z marketing and gives you a step by step internal, external, Yin & Yang guide on what and how to do it. It’s a must see fun course if you’re planning to open or already running an acupuncture clinic.  She gives hands-on examples and provide many ideas about what to write, what to read and many more. #boss

My post “Why my physician is so interested in my poop” was inspired by her 😀


Solaris Lab NY Jade roller

Okay, I haven’t received this give away yet but I’m so excited to finally get a rose quartz double roller.
— Look at this jade; in pretty pink shade. It helps my wrinkles fade, and that’s how beauty is made. —


Love Cupping

Cute and functional, what more can I ask for? The 3 grips on top + 1 grip at the bottom makes glide cupping with oil so much easier. Good quality, light weight, proper heart shape (not those roundish heart) and you get heart hickys instead of polka dots.


That’s it for today! I hope you’re enjoying the posts.
What are your favourites? 😀

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