10 things to Wear & Bring to your Acupuncture Session

10 things to Bring & Wear to Acupuncture

Perhaps you have seen your friend or family seeking acupuncture session and you want to try it out.  You’re nervous, you’ve read online what to expect yet you’re not quite ready. To make you more comfortable, here’s a guide on the 10 things to Wear & Bring to your acupuncture session. Hope this helps!


Kanpobliss's 10 things to Bring & Wear to Acupuncture

1.Comfy loose clothes

And underwear. Sometimes if the butt needs to be needled, it’s difficult to get to the area if you’re wearing a very tight boxer underwear. Some clinic do offer disposable underwear so you can change into that as well.

2. Anti-wrinkle shirts

Most clinics will have hangers for you to hang but you absolutely cannot stand wrinkles, then you should wear a T-shirt or something that doesn’t wrinkle so easily.

3. Clean socks 

Most of the time, socks need to removed too. Umm, smelly feet is not very nice when we have to get really close to the feet to needle it.

4. Healthy snacks

Acupuncture acts on the parasympathetic system, which is responsible for the “Rest and Digest” mode. So some of my patients feel hungry after the session. Bring some dried fruit, dark choco or nuts with you so you can munch on the way home.


5. Simple hijab / tudong

The headscarf for muslim ladies. You may to  need to remove them if the head needs to be needled. If it’s just the forehead then maybe no need but if you don’t want it to wrinkle, then it’s best to remove it. Most of my patients do. So just a simple one without laces and too much embellishment will be a good idea.


6. Jackets

To cover up the cupping parts if you’re concerned. And it’s always good to keep the area clean and warm after cupping. Direct cold air (especially when there’s super strong air-con in Singapore) or cold water (rain or dampness) may cause “coldness” to get trapped in the muscles which may defeat the whole purpose of getting cupped in the first place.


7. Make up

If you’re getting a facial acupuncture or facial guasha, we’ll remove the make up or wipe the acupoints with alcohol. You may wish to bring some touch up but it’s not advisable d putting on foundation or anything heavy straight after acupuncture. You don’t want to risk infection. Just a lipstick, eyeliner and mascara perhaps?

8. Contact lens solution + glasses

The lens can sometimes “roll up” when you keep your eyes closed for too long. I’ve experienced that before and I panicked. You’re like me,  you might want to consider removing them or using eye drops after the session. Consider wearing your glasses if you like.

9. Personal feminine care


During an acupuncture session, it can last up to an hour. Sitting down or lying down, getting needled or cupped, sometimes you need to face up, sometimes down or even on your side depending on where you’re being treated. And you want to be comfortable all the time! Wear your super long pads for maximum comfort and worry-free session. Do let your acupuncturist know if you’re on your period, especially on heavy days. Some acupuncture points may trigger heavy bleeding so it’s good if she/he knows.

10. Comfy shoes

You will be asked to remove your shoes anyway so it doesn’t really matter what shoes you wear. However, acupuncture may give you a sore feeling (if needled on the legs), so high high heels it may be a little uncomfortable. For first timer, comfy soft shoes are the way to go.

No such thing as Express-Acupuncture (it’s not a nail salon)

Try not to schedule an appointment if you know something might come up or you’re rushing to somewhere fast.  Because sometimes in some clinics, you may be asked to wait for you turn and there is no such thing as express-acupuncture session where we can just do 15 minutes. Qi takes 28 minutes to circulate your body so it’s usually 30 minutes acupuncture plus 10-15 minutes consultation, or even longer if it’s your first time.

Do not rush your Qi or your acupuncturist!

Come prepared and relaxed. Oh, and please leave your phone at home or on silent mode in your bag. It is your time to get in tuned with your body’s energy, your solo time to smoothen the Qi flow in your channels. Please don’t talk on the phone, play competitive tetris or scroll non-stop  on Instagram during your acupuncture session. You can do that later 🙂

Yup and very addictive too.
Please put your phone for 30 mins to maximize Acu-Bliss.


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